History Revisited

VS10x Code Map is a navigational tool. An important information source for such a tool is history – that is, items that were visited in the past. Visually presenting this information should be done in such a manner that history items are sufficiently emphasised while allowing for the user to maintain “the big picture”, i.e. the degree of emphasis should be carefully chosen in order to maintain visual balance.

Chronologically, Code Map has used two ways in order to place emphasis on items in history: blue foreground color (read: early days) and mor recently a clock dial image to the right of the item, with opacity increasing in direct relation to the history item “recentness”. The first manner increased visual distinction but lacked refinement; the second manner had a certain refinement but the degree of emphasis was severely reduced.

Color labeling opens some new perspectives on adding visual distinction to certain items. Coupled with a little more transparency, this could be the solution that Code Map should have put up from the beginning. Not to mention that in the current (i.e. 2.97) implementation you can actually choose the color that should be used as a background for “items in history”, as well as use the old (clock dial image) system – if it’s a matter of personal preference, then let me choose baby:


And here it is what it looks like when choosing “Background: Blue” as highlight kind:



6 thoughts on “History Revisited

  1. rdmartin says:

    I like the feature but when using a dark theme the background color does not offer enough contrast with the light text. Please provide a few very dark background colors to choose from (like black). For now I have to revert to the clock.

  2. rdmartin says:

    The change works great – thanks!

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