Emphasize Code Map items currently visible in the editor viewport

Well, I have always wanted to be able to know where my current code window viewport is (if you can say that) in relation the Code Map contents – in other words, highlight Code Map items that are currently visible in the code edit window.

So, here we go. As of version 2.96 Code Map supports this feature – just have a look at the below image. Notice the narrow orange bar that is displayed to the right of “GalleryTitleUrl”, “ShowLogin” and “ShowSearch”:


Probably not the prettiest visual style (I’ll probably come back to it later) but not a disaster either, and it gets the job done. It makes sense mostly when working with “as in code” sorting as it gets a nice bird’s eye view for medium to large documents.

The feature is configurable by accessing the “Tracking” category in “VS10x Code Map – Customize” as illustrated below:


In the end, I would like to mention that because of some nasty effects when accessing COM-based DTE functionality for VB documents, this feature (as with the entire “Tracking” category) is only available for C# documents.

Until next time, enjoy coding and do not forget that VS10x Code Map is there for you to help!


2 thoughts on “Emphasize Code Map items currently visible in the editor viewport

  1. Gil says:

    I like the new blog. I always read the change log to see what you’ve done to the code map, but with the blog you will be able to give a little more explanation. Nice.

    • vs10x says:

      Thank you Gil! As a matter of fact that’s the exact reason I decided to open this blog – two or three lines in the change log usually weren’t able to pull the feature/update out of obscurity. And most times that was a pity 🙂

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